What is EM?

At the start of the 20th century, people's lifestyle habits in most countries on earth changed considerably. Through industrialization, rapid development in the areas of medicine and technology, intensified farming systems, and an increasingly exaggerated idea of the importance of hygiene, the sensitive community of natural microorganisms has become unbalanced in many areas of life. Many cyclic processes, which functioned without problems previously, have since been disturbed. The means to maintain them regardless rarely remedy the cause, and sometimes even exacerbate the problem.

A little over 30 years ago

the Japanese agricultural scientist Prof. Teruo Higa began his research into improving soil quality with the help of natural microorganisms. He understood that the soil is 'the intestine' of every plant and that it is necessary to have healthy soil in order to grow a healthy plant. He began his research with single strains of microorganisms, but he had no significant success. It was only when he used a mixture of various microorganisms that the breakthrough came. Prof. Higa discovered a mixture of useful and helpful microorganisms which support their naturally occurring conspecifics in their diverse tasks. They ensure an active soil life and high soil fertility, and are thus able to once again complete the soil cycles. He called this mixture EM Effective Microorganisms®.

Intensive research and vast practical experience

made it increasingly possible to transfer the expert knowledge gained from EM Effective Microorganisms® to other areas of life and to nature as a whole. EM-Technology was developed. Today this term encompasses no longer just a multiplying of certain microorganisms. Instead, it is a matter of differentiated and highly developed fermentation technologies: Targeted multiplication is not limited to certain strains of microorganisms specified by Prof. Higa, but includes particularly the useful colonizers of the natural ingredients of all EM products as well as their metabolic products (for instance, antioxidants, enzymes, and vitamins). All natural raw materials are always colonized by microorganisms typical for the individual material. They are not sterilized for the production of EMIKO products, and so the desired positive types of these conspecifics of natural microorganisms are facilitated through targeted fermentation technologies, ensuring that they are also contained in the end product. In this way it was possible to develop other products besides the original ones for soil and plants - products for humans and animals, house and garden, as well as numerous other application areas which are adapted for their respective area of usage.

The excellent quality and effectiveness

of the original EM products by Prof. Higa was based on the interaction of all components: specific 'EM' microorganisms, the 'colonizers' of natural raw materials, and the metabolic products of all microorganisms contained therein.
The underlying active principle of EM Effective Microorganisms® is described by Prof. Higa as the facilitation of the activities of the microorganisms' competitors and opponents in any given milieu.

He divided the community of all microorganisms into three large groups:

  1. constructive microorganisms
  2. sickness inducing and putrefying microorganisms
  3. neutral, opportunistic microorganisms (followers)
According to Prof. Higa there are only a few strains of microorganisms which determine whether predominantly positive processes (recuperation, construction, regeneration) or negative processes (sickness, atrophy, degeneration) will take place in a given milieu (soil, skin, intestines etc.). The vast majority of microorganisms is completely opportunistic, i.e. they always support the majority group.

In a neutral milieu

all three groups occur in balanced proportions, none of the groups dominate. In nature, however, these conditions occur almost never or only for a short time.

In a sick milieu

sickness inducing and putrefying bacteria dominate and cause the followers to also join their group. This is what is happening today in many soils used for farming, for example: Constructive microorganisms can no longer prevail due to intensive farming methods and the heavy use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, resulting in disease inducing microorganisms gaining dominance. The soil is sick, which in turns means that only weak and disease-prone plants can grow in it. Accordingly, in order to secure the harvests the use of many fertilizers and pesticides becomes necessary. Naturally, this impacts not only on the soil, but in many other areas of life negative microorganisms have also gained the upper hand as modern society has developed their cleaning and disinfectant agents.

A good milieu

can disrupt these destructive cycles. As the products associated with EM Effective Microorganisms® exclusively contain constructive, life-promoting organisms, a positive and healthy milieu can be built up through targeted use of these products. EM Effective Microorganisms® support the naturally occurring positive microorganisms and thus change the balance so that neutral followers microorganisms also change and are now helping processes to take place in the best possible way.

Only in healthy soil

can plants grow which are healthy and the basis of healthy food and animal feed, produced in a healthy environment without a lot of pesticides. They therefore contribute to keeping humans and animals healthy. The excrements of healthy animals function as fertilizer which helps the soil to stay healthy. People's understanding of this cyclic system is the basis of its functioning. EM Effective Microorganisms® are able to contribute to supporting, improving and maintaining the health of this system on all levels.
When we talk about the original EM Effective Microorganisms®, Prof. Higa, the developer of EM technology and the EM Research Organisation Inc. (EMRO), is inseparably connected with it. The brand EM Effective Microorganisms® guarantees the original and is not to be confused with products whose name or description contains the word combination "effective microorganisms".

EM Research Organisation Inc. (EMRO) was founded by Prof. Teruo Higa with the task of pursuing and implementing his heartfelt wish: "The building of a society which is based on co-existence and co-prosperity" and the facilitation of sustainable farming methods, environmental protection, and the health of humans which can be achieved by means of EM technology. EMRO is a so-called non-profit-organization and worldwide the only organization which is permitted to use the intellectual property of Prof. Higa’s in regard to EM technology. EMRO is increasing this knowledge in collaboration with him and is the owner of all trademarks and patents.

EMRO is fulfilling its not-for-profit role with the support of licensing partners worldwide who have affiliated themselves with Prof. Higa's philosophy. Each country only has one licensee to avoid competition between them, which would be contrary to the intrinsic goal of EMRO. EMRO provides its partners with knowledge, research, and development to manufacture the original EM products.

Worldwide all licensing partners pay a respective rate for any original EM products sold. These rates are being used to enable needy people or countries to improve their life's circumstances and physical well-being with EM. Partners in industrial countries like Germany are paying higher rates, while some developing countries might be sponsored by up to 100% by the EMRO. Therefore, each time you buy original products you will not only purchase a highly effective and natural product, but you will have contributed to helping people in need at the same time!

But how can you recognize the original by Prof. Higa?

a_manufacturer This is the worldwide logo of EMRO licensing partners. They manufacture original EM products based on EMRO's knowledge and with their support and contractual agreement, and they pay the respective licensing rates for any products sold.
a_reseller These are the regionally active resellers of original EM products and are therefore recommended by the 'authorized manufacturer'.
c_product This logo can be found on the mother of all EM products and therefore the main product of the whole EM technology - EM1®. Furthermore, this logo is reserved for the most important products of the EM technology; to a large extent these are the products responsible for driving the distribution of EM technology.
quality_c The development and manufacture of products with this logo was based on EM technology. They are follow-on products of products labeled 'quality certified'.
All formulations, methods and some raw materials for the production of these products carrying the logo 'quality certified' or 'certified product' were supplied by the EMRO. The delicate balance of the microbial mixture in EM and therefore the high effectiveness of all products can only be guaranteed when the correct manufacturing process, which is prescribed and researched by the EMRO, is maintained. Each complete production batch is examined for quality control at the EMRO laboratory and given clearance for sale.