Effective microorganisms can unfold their impressive virtue not only in living state, but can also be utilized in form of valuable EM-X® Ceramics for water optimization.
The EM-X® Ceramics is produced in Japan and made of a high-quality clay that ripenes together with EM·1® and EM-X Gold®. By burning it at high temperatures, the fine energetic resonances and EM® information get saved and stored in the unique ceramic. As Pipes, Kagen, Ceramic Rings, or as a Powder, EM-X® Ceramics can be used in household and garden in many ways.
EM-X® Ceramic products for water optimization raise the enegry level of the water and break down water clusters. This way, the informed water can be ingested especially well by the cells. The redox potential is measurably better, too. Because of these positive features of the informed water, EM-X® Ceramic products can be used for preparing beverages and foods. EMIKO® Kagen and Ceramic Rings not only better the quality and taste of beverages. They can be used for cooking, as well, and influence the taste and keepability of foods positively. By simply boiling the Ceramics out, you can clean them and reuse them repeatedly.
EM-X® Ceramic products can be utilized in all areas of household and garden. In the electric kettle or coffee machine they better the water quality, in vases or flower pots they rise the vitality and longevity of plants, in aquariums and ponds they create positive living conditions. Even for a relaxing and vitalizing bath or to better the drinking water for animals, the EM-X® Ceramic products are well suited. Next to water optimization, EM-X® Ceramics is used to remove or prevent bad smells in divers places in the household.
Use the positive resonances of the EM-X® Ceramic products in your complete household and this way benefit not only your own well-being, but that of all persons and animals with you, as well.

from 25,00 € *

EMIKO® Kagen for Drinks

32,90 € * 1 piece | 32,90 €/piece

EMIKO® Kagen for Cooking

37,90 € * 1 piece | 37,90 €/piece

EMIKO® Kagen for the Bath Tub

51,90 € * 1 piece | 51,90 €/piece

EM-X® Ceramic Ring

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EM-X® Ceramic Pipes gray

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EM-X® Ceramic Pipe gray, 35 mm Ø

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EM-X® Ceramic Pipes rose

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