EM® Ceramics for water, soil and wellness

Shortly after the development of the Prime Solution EM ·1® with EM Effective Microorganisms®, Prof. Teruo Higa discovered that the positive virtues and the benefiting and supporting effects of the EM® Technology not only base on the microorganisms themselves, but the fine resonances of the whole mixture play a vital role, too.

By fermenting high quality Kibushi clay with EM Effective Microorganisms®, enriching it with EM-X Gold® and burning it at very high temperatures, the positive resonances of the microorganisms can be transferred on the EM-X® Ceramic. The products can be used for water conditioning, soil improvement with ceramic powder and increasing the human well-being.

Ceramic Pipes improve the water quality

To optimize the water quality, Ceramic Pipes are suited so well because they transfer the stored, positive EM® informations ideally to the water. Water clusters are reduced and the redox potential is increased. The liquid is activated and energetically enriched.

Optimized water by EM® Ceramics can be ingested very well because of the small water clusters. The antioxidative power of the liquid is measurably increased.
The EM-X® Ceramics are not only suited to improve drinking water for humans, but also for aquariums and watering flowers as well as improving drinking water for animals.

EM® Ceramics for an increased well-being

The power of EM® Ceramics can be felt directly on your body. Made with loving handicraft, Ceramic bracelets in different colours are not only a beautiful accessoire but feelably care for an increased well-being. The positive informations of the EM® stored in the burnt clay work directly on the body.

Turn the power of the high quality EM-X® Ceramics from EMIKO® to good account and do your body, your plants and your whole surroundings something good.

from 25,00 € *

EMIKO® Kagen for Drinks

32,90 € * 1 piece | 32,90 €/piece

EMIKO® Kagen for Cooking

37,90 € * 1 piece | 37,90 €/piece

EMIKO® Kagen for the Bath Tub

51,90 € * 1 piece | 51,90 €/piece

EM-X® Ceramic Ring

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EM-X® Ceramic Pipes gray

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EM-X® Ceramic Pipe gray, 35 mm Ø

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EM-X® Ceramic Pipes rose

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EM Super Cera® Powder

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EM Super Cera® Granules

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EM-X® Ceramic Genki Taikoban

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SPACE MATE Mini EM-X® Ceramic plates

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SPACE MATE EM-X® Ceramic plates

125,90 € * 2 piece | 62,95 €/piece

EMIKO® HorseCare EM-X® Ceramic

21,90 € * 1 piece | 21,90 €/piece