Our Philosophy

It is our aim to promote a healthy cycle of nature through everything our company is involved with, and thereby to disseminate across our products the intrinsic meaning of EM Effective Microorganisms® and EM technology, for the protection and regeneration of people, animals, and nature.
Our vision is that products with EM Effective Microorganisms® will be used as a matter of course by all levels of society and in all areas of life, based on the awareness of their function and positive effect on the whole of nature and human well-being.

We live our moral values and principles day by day. They apply across all hierarchies - for relationships within the company, as well as the long-term cooperation on a partnership basis with our customers, suppliers, contractual and network partners. Fairness and predictability, respect and appreciation of the person opposite, loyalty, honesty, openness, and dependability characterize our central guidelines, because they are the basis for our existence and our success.

Our growth, and therefore also the distribution of EM technology, is our team's common passion. We support the personal and technical development of our co-workers in every way, and are thereby continually improving our service, products and processes.

We do not manufacture using controversial bio-technologies (e.g. genetic modifications) or otherwise ethically or ecologically pertinent procedures (animal experiments, hazardous substances). We also demand the same from our suppliers and contract manufacturers.