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Step 2: OSiBA Active Water

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It is well known that a person should have plenty to drink. The German Society for Nutrition recommends 30 ml per day per kg body weight. This works out to be about 2-3 liter of liquid. Just as important as the "How much?" is the "What?"- the body cannot utilize juices, coffee, alcoholic drinks, and soft drinks as well as it can pure water. Water fulfills three important functions in our body: It is a means of transport for nutrients and waste, it is a solvent for substances which have to be transported in our body, and it is also a way of cooling us down on hot summer days or during strenuous physical work. In order to maintain these mechanisms, it is especially important to drink good quality, non-carbonated water, free from any other additives. Tap water is one of those foodstuffs where controls are particularly stringent. For this reason, tap water is a good foundation for supplying us with water. The high pressure in the water pipes, however, causes the water molecules to bond together in large so-called clusters. Our body cells have difficulty taking up these large water clusters. A large part of the water 'rushes' past the cells. There are options to improve the cell availability of the water and to turn your own tap water into a valuable foodstuff.
OSiBA Active Water
OSiBA Active Water has extraordinary redox potential and is particularly easily absorbed by cells. By making the water clusters smaller, the substances which are dissolved in the water are better distributed in the body and taken up by it. However, this is not the only result achieved by using OSiBA Active Water Ionizer for filtering. Apart from "simple" filtering - making the clusters smaller, increasing redox potential, and removing damaging substances and bacteria - the ionizer can, through separating acidic and alkaline components also deliver alkaline water. Every day you should drink 30 ml of alkaline water per kg body weight. When it is hot and during strenuous activity you should increase the amount respectively. Drinking alkaline OSiBA Active Water not only supplies your body with the best water, it already supports actively the regulation of the acid-base balance and is therefore a good foundation for step 3 of the OSiBA Vital System. The alkaline water is used by the body to neutralize and flush out acids. With OSiBA Active Water Ionizer you can support - through the various alkaline stages and the neutral stage - your acid-base balance long-term, even after you have completed the whole OSiBA Vital System.
Various filters
OSiBA Active Water Ionizer has two filters. The premium active charcoal filter by Carbonit removes 99% of tiny suspended solids as well as hormones. A multi-step EM-X® Ceramic Ultrafilter delivers supreme water quality and helps to significantly improve the taste of the water. The EM-X® Ceramic Ultrafilter not only removes minute pollutants and even bacteria from the water, it also energizes it. The pores of the Ultrafilter are only a few nanometer in size. Too small for bacteria, but large enough for the minerals contained in the water. Altogether, using different settings, OSiBA Active Water Ionizer can produce 6 types of water: "only filtered", alkaline levels 1 through 3, and two levels of acidic water. practical advice
Start with the first alkaline level. Continue to increase the amount of water until you have reached your preferred personal amount. Drink the water as fresh as possible, because the redox potential decreases steadily when exposed to air. Remove water after the unit has been at a standstill for a while, the alkaline part is cleaned in approx. 15 seconds. This cleaning process is indicated acoustically, please wait to remove the water until it is completed.
Operating the OSiBA Active Water Ionizer is very simple. You can control all main functions via a clearly arranged user interface. Moreover, the unit has a voice output which informs you about all processes and necessary filter changes. OSiBA Active Water Ionizer has to be serviced only rarely. Changing the filter and decalcifying is very easy.
More unit specifications and service information
  • Built from modules, each module can be exchanged if needed
  • Service center and repairs in Germany
  • Warranty when unit is used as intended: 2 years
  • Manufactured according to ISO 9001, CE standard, tested by TÜV South
  • Integrated rinse function: Ensures a steady flow of electrons
More ideas on how to use alkaline OSiBA Active Water:
  • Try coffee and tea prepared with alkaline water and taste the difference.
  • You can soak rice in alkaline water for 30 minutes before cooking.
  • Wash and cook vegetables or fruit in alkaline water. This mitigates any bitter taste and ensures the vegetables retain their color and taste.
  • Meat will be more tender if you soak it for 10 minutes in alkaline water before frying.
  • Drinks and cocktails can also be prepared with ice cubes made from alkaline water: It brings out the taste more.
  • Animals also benefit from alkaline water: Fill water bowls and bird baths with alkaline water.
  • The body needs more water after alcohol consumption: Drink 2 glasses of alkaline water before going to bed and the next morning drink another 2 glasses on an empty stomach - this will prevent a hangover.


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