In the long run, an acid-base metabolism out of balance can influence the well-being negatively. The body superacids particularly from a faulty diet. Bases distinctive of the body cells must be used for neutralization and are thus depleted from the body.

A diet change, together with the products of the OSiBA vital system, is a good possibility to influence the acid-base balance in your body and at the same time use positive effects of the EM® Technology. OSiBA can contribute to restore the balance of the body feeling.
The effect of OSiBA Vital System bases on supporting the body in producing a balanced proportion of acids and bases. To build bases, the body must be supplied with important minerals and trace elements. The base colloid and the other OSiBA products geared to each other stimulate the body´s own mechanisms for deacidifying and can help to stabilizise the acid-base balance.

In this way, the OSiBA Vital System is attuned to support the natural balance of acids and bases in the body.
The OSiBA Vital System bases on four steps that are finely attuned to each other and together bring the best success.

The first step is a urine analysis that gives an indication of the pH value. You do this urine observation yourself over at least three days at home. In the second step the focus lies in the water supply. The OSiBA Active Water has an especially high redox potential and can help to reduce oxidative processes in the body. The OSiBA Active Water Ionisator with a premium active carbon filter and EM-X® Ceramics Ultra Filter can produce basic water and lays the foundation for stabilizing the acid-base balance. In the third step, OSiBA Memisil provides the body with all vital trace elements, like zinc, selenium, sulphur, manganese, boron, titanium, ferrum, molybdenum, and iodine. The OSiBA Base Colloid supports the body to deacidify and thus serves to balance the acid-base metabolism. With OSiBA Base Concentrate for the bath, the same supporting effect can be achieved by an outer application. On the fourth step, the nutrition supplemets OSiBA Hulup and OSiBA Bomito are supposed to help the intestines.

Of course, all OSiBA products can be used singularly out of the whole system, as well. Discover the power of the OSiBA Vital System and better your body feeling. Needless to say, for an individual advice EMIKO® stands to your service.