The use in horticulture and fruit-growing is the initial usage of effective microorganisms, because they were developed for this field. The first product EM1 still forms the basis of all EMIKO products for the garden. EM® supports all plants in growing and the optimum development. Robust plants can protect themselves perfectly from pests. From germination to root building, from flowering to ripening, EMIKO products promote the plant. Next to living microbes, some products supply the soil with important nutrients and serve thus the improvement and the fertilization of the soil. The physical, chemical and biological state of the garden soil is influenced positively, and decomposition is speeded up.
The effect of effective microorganisms bases on promotion of regenerative microbes in the soil. Organic material is turned into precious and easily exploitable nutrients. The storage of nutrients and water is improved too. Thus the growth of plants is improved as well as the power of plants to resist pests. Pathogen and putrefaction causing microbes are suppressed, harmful germs get no living ground. EM® speed up the composting and promote the formation of hummus in the soil. Earthworms and other little helpers get an optimal habitat for the decomposition of organic material to exploitable nutrients. For perma culture with consistently fertile soils, all EMIKO products are an ideal foundation.
Through usage of EM®, the amount of pesticides and synthetical fertilizers can be reduced or even get superfluous in the long run. Nevertheless, yield and quality of the harvest stay high. This saves costs and causes organic plants and fruit with a higher amount of nutrients and vitamins. Cover crop plants profit from effective mikroorganisms, as well, serve as organic material and thus for the improvement of the soil. In the vegetable garden as well as on lawns and for outdoor and indoor plants, EMIKO offers the suitable products for fertilization, soil activation and composting. Strong plants as well as hummuous and fertile soil are the result.
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EMIKO® Garden and Soil Activator

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EMIKO® Primary Rock Flour

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EMIKO® MicroFertilizer

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EMIKO® Bokashi pure herbal Fertilizer

17,90 € * 10 l | 1,79 €/l

EMIKO® Bokashi Organic NPK Fertilizer

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EMIKO® Bokashi Cernozëm

22,90 € * 10 l | 2,29 €/l

EMIKO® EM5 Forte

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EMIKO® Compost Care

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EM Super Cera® Powder

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EM Super Cera® Granules

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EMIKO® Blond

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EMIKO® Spray head green

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