Ponds are an adornment for every garden. Just like an aquarium, they give relaxation and bring the fascinating world of water tot he home. Nevertheless, ponds and aquariums are sensitive eco systems and react on every influence from the environment. Negative influences on water quality, algae growth and the well-being of fish and all other creatures can be the consequences.
EM Effective Microorganisms® can help preventing these consequences, improve the water quality, keep the water clear and thus better the well-being of all water inhabitants. 
EMIKO® Products for systematic pond care imrove the water quality and support the pond – water, plants, fish and the bottom of the pond. Especially in keeping and breeding of koi fish the use of EM® has proved itself.
EMIKO® Bio Pond Care cares for a balanced microbial environment in ponds and other stretches of water and produces ideal living circumstances for fish, plants and other water inhabitants. As an accelerator of effect, EMIKO® BIO Pond Care PLUS can be applied to promote the redevelopment of water, additional to the regular use of Pond Care.
EMIKO® BIO Pond Care PLUS contains special microorganisms, namely phototrophic bacteria. Not only are they very adaptable, but can utilize harmful fatty acids, ammonium or phosphates and have a strong influence on a redevelopment of water bodies. Thanks to effektive microorganisms, organic material can be reduced faster and eutrophication prevented. The growth of algae and the build up of foul silts are reduced.
For a balanced microbial milieu in an aquarium EMIKO® offers a care system on basis of EM Effective Microorganisms®. The aquarium as well as the bottom and the filter are cleaned naturally and carefully. The biological self cleaning power is promoted, the water quality increases and the vitality of fish is visibly improved. When using EMIKO® Bio AquariumKlar system care, the filter service life rises and the water must be changed less often.
EM Effective Microorganisms® make every water body to an optimal and naturelike environment for fish, plants and other inhabitants. Use EM Effective Microorganisms® for your pond and aquarium and care thus for a stable eco system in the long run.

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