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Filter cartridge EM Premium 5

Approx. 2 litres flow/minute
Item #: 2200.000

1 piece | 59,90 € €/piece

Weight: 0.595 kg

The EM Premium 5 filter cartridge provides premium water filtration and water activation in one single cartridge. The EM-X® Keramic is baked in to the filter cartridge in powder form during manufacture. This creates an extremely large contact surface with the water. Together with the well-proven filter performance of the CarbonitNFP premium filter technology, this creates the ideal water filter combination.

Life time: The filter cartridge must be changed after 6 months (in accordance with DIN 1988). The filter has a capacity for 5,000 litres water during that period. It may be necessary to change the cartridge earlier if a significant reduction in flow rate is noticed. Earlier exchange does not mean the filter was defective, but is an indication of a high quantity of fine particles in the unfiltered water. 

Flow rate: approx. 2 litres per minute (depending upon water pressure). 

Temperature & technical information: Only for use with cold water, protect from frost. Not suitable for use with boilers.


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