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Aqua Inline Lime-Scale Protection

Replacement cartridge
Item #: 2217.810

1 piece | 58,00 € €/piece

Weight: 0.811 kg

Filter cartridges in quick-change housing

Changing filters made easy: With the Aqua Premium Inline filter cartridge you can remove the filter cartridge with a simple anti-clockwise twist. Insertion of a new filter cartridge is done in seconds with a clockwise twist. You do not need a housing key anymore. Because you do not come in contact with the inside of the filter cartridge, the exchange is very hygienically. You can connect up to three Inline filter cartridges in a row. You can e.g. install an expansion stage in front of the main filter stage in order to extend the service life of the main filter cartridge. If you have chalky water, we recommend the Aqua Inline Expansion Lime-scale protection.The Aqua Inline Lime-Scale Protection is used as a additional stage for decalcification in the Aqua Inline system in front of the main stage. The passed ion exchanger resin reduces the water hardness.

The decalcification improves the taste of cold and hot beverages (especially to improve the aroma of tea and coffee) and protects household appliances from calcification.

Service Life:
The water flow should not be more than ca. 2 l/min. to ensure a noticeable decalcification. The capacity of the cartridge is up to the hardness grade of the incoming water. The max. capacity can be 1.900 l (hardness 5-10dh, German hardness) or 450 l (hardness 11-25dh, German hardness). The cartridge should be changed if the typically change of the taste of the water or chalk is seen when dried. A cartridge change after 6 month is recommended because of hygienic reasons.

Filter Change:
Close water flow, twist the old cartridge counter-clockwise and pull out downwards. Attach new cartridgefrom below and twist clockwise as far as it goes. Open water flow again. Disposal in household waste.

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