EM Effective Microorganisms® can be used in many fields of daily life. Especially in the household they become more and more popular. Chemical cleaners not only pollute the environment but also threaten one`s own health. Especially sensitive people suffer from the various synthetic ingredients. To use the power of the effective Microorganisms in the household therefore is an environmentally friendly and quite safe alternative. EMIKO® offers both strong cleaners for kitchen, bath and laundry as well as All Purpose Cleaners for all surfaces.
EM® cleaners base on the unique impact of the EM Effective Microorganisms®. The power of the microorganisms is strengthened by vinegar and alcohol and thus unfolds its full effectiveness. Hygienic cleanness and the highest cleansing strength become possible in quite a biological way. Just like customary cleaners and disinfectants, EM® cleaner fight against harmful bacteria and germs. Fat and oils get solved by the microorganisms as well. In addition, all treated surfaces are covered by positive microorganisms which form a natural protection from new dirt. Smallest particles are consumed by the microorganisms and surfaces do not become dusty as fast again. Bad smells are not covered, but are removed actively, so that nothing stays behind but cleanliness and freshness. EM® cleaner improve the room climate, create a positive environment and thus increase the whole well-being.
EMIKO® offers divers EM® cleaners for the whole house. Real multi talents are the EMIKO® All Purpose Cleaners. The product is very well suited for washable floors and surfaces. With EM Kitchen cleaner, the whole kitchen is not only fully biological cleaned, it also gets a pleasingly fresh lemon scent. The practical spray bottle allows an effortless application. EMIKO® Citrus Cleaner bright has a very good cleaning power; due to the Sapindus Mukorossi Fruit Extract it fights even persistent Fat stains. Even highly effective dish soaps, neutralizing air sprays and glass cleaners are in the portfolio. The use of EMIKO® Cleaners is very easy. They can be applied like conventional cleaners. Next to our EMIKO® Cleaners, we offer products of the Swiss company DiOLiN, which base on EM® technology as well. In cleaning as well, you can count on the power of EM Effective Microorganisms®, and see how your home gets turned into a wellness oasis.

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EMIKO® Blond

from 6,90 € *

EM Allzweckreiniger

22,90 € * 1 l | 22,90 €/l

EM Multiclean

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EM Dish Soap

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EM glass and interior cleaner

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EM kitchen cleaner

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EM bathroom cleaner

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EM Kalkex (Limescale remover)

15,00 € * 500 ml | 3,00 €/100ml

EM Floorsoap

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EM Luftikus Meditation

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EM Luftikus Harmony

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EM Luftikus Neutro

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EM Luftikus Animal

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EMIKO® PetCare Sourroundings Spray

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EMIKO® Spray head green

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