EM Effective Microorganisms® for use in the garden

EM Effective Microorganisms®, in short EM®, have a variable use in the garden. After the first development of EM·1® by Prof. Terua Higa, many products with EM® arised that better the living conditions in the soil and ensure robust and strong plants.
EM® support the natural, beneficial microorganisms in the soil and thus care for a milieu where pathogene and harmful microorganisms find no living ground. The transformation  from organic material to humus and available nutrients for plants are supported by the positive microorganisms in EM® and the natural balance in the soil is strengthened. This way, the germing, growth, and the flower of the plants is supported and the quality of the soil is bettered.

Soil improvement and fertilization with EM Effective Microorganisms®

An enlivened and rich, loose soil is the foundation for good growth and fruitful harvests in the own garden. EM® contribute an important part to fertility, the nutrition content and for loosening and enliving the soil. Our products for soil improvement and fertilization can be brought out as a liquid soil improver or fertilizator or worked into the soil in form of Bokashi as an organic complete fertilizer. Bokashi is made from high quality raw material with a special process and long fermentation time and so offers an extraordinarily strengthening anioxidating power for plants. Humus build is intensified and the vitality of the plants is supported. Our EM Super Cera C® Powder is suited for improving the living conditions in the soil, as well, for it creates ideal living conditions for microorganisms.

Support the diversity in your garden with EMIKO® products with EM Effective Microorganisms® and enjoy fruitful harvests and full flowers.