EM Effective Microorganisms® first came to Europe on the occasion of a conference in Paris in 1995. The founders of EMIKO are pioneers, because with EM Effective Microorganisms® they brought hitherto unknown technology, which has many dedicated users today, to Germany. EMIKO was founded in 2000 and took on the distribution - later also the manufacture - of products for Germany and a few years ago also for Austria and Italy. You can read in "The Original" why only EMIKO, as a pathfinder for EM technology in Germany, manufactures and distributes Prof. Higa's original products. EMIKO comprises two companies: EMIKO Gesellschaft für Umwelttechnologie mbH [Company for Environmental Technology] and EMIKO Handelsgesellschaft mbH [Trading Company].

EMIKO Company for Environmental Technology

takes on all tasks connected with production, quality assurance, research, and development of new formulations. It is licensed by Prof. Higa's EM Research Organization (EMRO) to manufacture original EM products. The quality of each completed production batch is checked in the EMRO laboratory and released for sale. This ensures that both manufacturers and customers can always depend on the high quality and effectiveness of EM products. Furthermore, we arrange for an independent and accredited food laboratory to check each production batch. All products are carefully manufactured in premises which are constructed in accordance with regulations pertaining to food production and comply with high quality standards. Since 2007, production has been certified by HACCP, over and above official regulations. Since 2009 we have also added organic certification. Moreover, since 2012 all animal feed is certified GMP+ and QS.

EMIKO Trading Company

is responsible for the promotion of EM technology in Germany and in charge of distributing the products. It supports and advises retailers as well as end users and provides information materials on products and their use along with information on EM generally. EMIKO Trading Company conducts training courses to certify EM consultants and supports their regional retailers at events and informational lectures. In addition, they handle all logistics from the taking of orders over storage of finished products through to packaging and distribution.