EM Effective Microorganisms® are used successfully in producing or refining divers foods and culinary delicacies. Coffee, tea and pepper produced from organic and EM® optimized farming convince not only by a superb taste, but by an excellent palatability, as well.
Because of the use of EM Effective Microorganisms® in agriculture, there can be observed positive effects on the produced foods. Sensitive persons report a good wholesomeness, for example, of our coffees and teas. Foods produced with EM® combine relish with the power of EM Effective Microorganisms®.
EMIKO® offers a big variety of delicious beverages that are produced with the help of EM Effective Microorganisms®. The coffee specialities caffè Casolo, with best Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, are produced in southern India by peasant farmers in organic agriculture basing on EM Effective Microorganisms® and are imported directly to Germany. The teas, too, stem from certified organic EM® agriculture in Nepal. Next to the range of coffee and tea, EMIKO® offers an excellent pepper in organic quality, too.

Give yourself a treat with EM Effective Microorganisms® and enjoy coffee, tea and pepper that benefit body and soul.

EMIKO® Primeval Sea Salt Finger Salt Black Pepper

9,90 € * 70 g | 14,14 €/100g

EMIKO® Primeval Sea Salt Brine Spray Smoke

10,80 € * 100 ml | 10,80 €/100ml

EMIKO® Primeval Sea Salt Finger Salt Coal

9,90 € * 70 g | 14,14 €/100g

EMIKO® ClingWrap

8,90 € *

EMIKO® Primeval Sea Salt Brine Tasmanian Pepper

16,90 € * 200 ml | 8,45 €/100ml

EMIKO® Primeval Sea Salt Brine Spray Lime

10,80 € * 100 ml | 10,80 €/100ml

Organic EM Pepper

from 6,80 €

EMIKO® Primeval Sea Salt "Finger Salt"

11,90 € * 250 g | 4,76 €/100g

EMIKO® Primeval Sea Salt 'Scatterable'

9,90 € * 200 g | 4,95 €/100g

EMIKO® Primeval Sea Salt Brine Spray

from 7,80 €

Black Leaf Tea

from 5,50 €

Green Leaf Tea

from 5,50 €

caffè Casolo Classic

from 11,50 €

caffè Casolo Espresso

from 12,50 €

Olive Oil Ecolibor

12,98 € * 500 ml | 2,60 €/100ml

Organic EM® Spices

from 2,70 €