EM Effective Microorganisms® for humans

To begin with, through the discovery of EM Effective Microorganisms® Prof. Teruo Higa was able to improve the quality of agricultural used soils and support the regeneration of the entire organic environment.
Today, products of the EM® Technology is specifically used to improve the well-being of humans, as well. EM Effective Microorganisms® support the naturally existing microorganisms in any microbial milieu and can contribute to suppress negative germs, fungi and bacteria.
EMIKO® counts on the positive attributes of EM Effective Microorganisms® and offers a variety of products for daily use. Nutrition supplements and culinary delicacies as well as articles of body care and EM-X® Ceramics Products are seen as a comfortable gain of daily life from many people.

Nutrition supplements and culinary delicacies

EM Effective Microorganisms® are mainly drunk as a nutrition supplement in form of the fermentation beverage EM-X Gold® and the fermented herbal beverage EMIKO®SAN. They can contribute a strong share on supporting the well-being. As an enriched sea salt the EM® Technology unfolds its full impact, too.
Besides, EMIKO® offers culinary delicacies that are produced or grown with EM Effective Microorganisms®. Next to tea, coffee and espresso, connoisseurs find an organic EM® pepper as well as other products that unite enjoyment and and the positive attributes of effective microorganisms.

Body Care with EM® Technology and EM-X Gold® for an increased well-being

There are products of the EM® Technology for skin and body care as well. With the natural EMIKO®Care products even sensitive skin is sustained tenderly and the natural balance is supported. The alkaline Tooth Paste with EM-X Gold® cares for teeth and gums especially sustainably.
The extensive OSiBA Vital System on basis of the EM® Technology betters the acid-base balance and is thus suited to influence actively the own physical feeling.
Utilize the benefiting and supporting powers of EM Effective Microorganisms® and give yourself a treat from head to toe with the products from EMIKO®.