Horses are true partners in leisure time and sport for decades. Being a flight, herd and locomotor animal, the fewest among them are living under completely natural conditions. Living under man made conditions, they have to cope with limitations in varying extent. To provide horses with products of EM® Technology respectively spraying their surroundings with EM® products proves itself since more than 20 years since EM® was introduced in Europe. The products of the EMIKO® HorseCare Series for skin and coat care, cleaning of stable and surroundings and the fermented liquid Supplementary Feed can help the animal to compensate unfavorable circumstances. For example, negative germs can be displaced and the microbial milieu of the animal positively influenced. The supplementary feeds as well as the care and cleaning products can be applied on an daily basis and unite the positive attributes of the EM® Technology. Due to their sensitive nature, horses react quickly on EMIKO® HorseCare products.
Because of the natural ingredients and the precious herbs, unique combinations of metabolic products, vitamins and trace elements develop during fermentation.
For feeding the horse, there are two products available, fermented with EM® Technology, in two different dosage forms: the liquid „EMIKO® HorseCare Bio Supplementary Feed liquid“ and the solid „EMIKO® HorseCare Bokashi“ with gristlike, moist consistency. For water treatment and optimization we recommend the EMIKO® HorseCare EM-X® Ceramic Pipe. Ceramic pipes transfer the retained, positive informations of EM ® directly into the water.
EMIKO® HorseCare systemic care provides products for coat care and stable hygiene, as well. EMIKO® HorseCare Coat Care bases on the EM® Technology, developed by Prof. Terua Higa; it supports the natural protective skin function and cares for a positive milieu that depletes negative fungi and germs of their breeding grounds. On problematic spots Coat Care can be applied specifically.
It is well known that EM® products – even because of their low pH level alone – suppress the development of harmful germs. To have a constant pleasant stable climate and no ammonium smell develops, the EMIKO® HorseCare Stable Cleaner is performing perfectly. Germs are displaced and decompositional processes of dung and urine prevented that otherwise can lead to odour development harmful to the sensitive respiratory passages. The spreading of moulds and dusts is reduced, as well. Feed and maintain your horse with EMIKO® HorseCare Products and improve the overall constitution of your animal.

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EMIKO HorseCare Bio Supplementary Feed Liquid DE-ÖKO-006

from 18,90 € * 1 l | 0,00 €/l

EMIKO® HorseCare Bokashi

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EMIKO® HorseCare BokashiPLUS

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EMIKO® HorseCare Coat Care

25,90 € * 1 l | 25,90 €/l

EMIKO® HorseCare Special Care Balm

21,90 € * 80 ml | 27,38 €/100ml

EMIKO® HorseCare Stable Cleaner

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EMIKO® HorseCare Drinking Trough

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EMIKO® HorseCare EM-X® Ceramic

21,90 € * 1 piece | 21,90 €/piece

EMIKO® Spray head green

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