For every owner, the well being of their pets has first priority. Just like the human body, dogs and cats are influenced negatively by environmental stress, imbalanced food and chemical substances.
To support the whole organism of the animal naturally and to ensure its well being, products with EM® are standig to reason. They care for skin and coat, are mixed with the fodder and improve the surroundings of the pet.
EM Effective Mircoorganisms® can be applied with dogs and cats in various ways. As a supplementary feed in liquid form or as a bokashi they are construed to bring living microorganisms into the daily ration. This influences the microbial milieu in the digestive tract positively.
Products with EM® can be applied for the coat care, as well. The natural protection function of the skin is supported and aimed for a positive milieu that denies negative bacteria and fungi its living ground. The skin of dogs and cats is treated gently and the coat gets shiny and can be groomed easily. For animals with ear problems, you can apply the ear drops into the outer ear and the outer auditory canal. This displaces negative germs.
Neutral smells are a blessing not only for the animal, but for humans, as well. Unpleasant smells are removed excellently by EMIKO® PetCare Surroundings Spray because of the contained effective microorganisms. At the same time, harmful germs are displaced effectively. Other than with conventional cleaners and disinfectants, positive microorganisms are not killed but supported deliberately.
EMIKO® PetCare systemical care is an ideal product combination for care, feed and hygiene for dogs and cats of all ages. Completely without synthetical perfumes, cleaners or conservationers and produced with only natural ingredients, all products with EM® are very well tolerated and very well suited for sensitive aminals, too.
Indulge your pet with the EMIKO® PetCare systemical care and utilise the benefits of effective microorganisms for your darling.

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EMIKO® PetCare Bio Supplementary Feed Liquid (DE-ÖKO-006)

12,50 € * 0.5 l | 25,00 €/l

EMIKO® PetCare Bio Bokashi (DE-ÖKO-003)

12,50 € * 700 g | 1,79 €/100g

EMIKO® PetCare Coat Care

12,90 € * 250 ml | 5,16 €/100ml

EMIKO® PetCare Ear Care Drops

12,90 € * 30 ml | 43,00 €/100ml

EMIKO® PetCare Sourroundings Spray

10,50 € * 0.5 l | 21,00 €/l

EMIKO® Spray head green

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