Bee Care with EM®

Bees have divers natural ways to protect themselves and their hives from bacteria, fungi and viruses. Due to unfavorable environmental influences, many colonies are weakenend; their inherent defensive mechanisms lose their impact and the bees are in need of support by humans.

The bee care product EMIKO® EM Apis contains positive microorganisms that support natural processes and at the same time suppress negative bacteria and decay. In this function, the low pH level through lactic acid is of significance and succor the microorganisms in its effect.

When EMIKO® EM Apis is applied regularly and the bees spread it evenly through their activity, the containing lactic acid bacteria can play a key role for them.
Lactic acid bacteria count as natural colonizers of a bee hive. For example, they are placed in the digestive tract of the bee and protect not only the intestines of the grown bee from harmful germs and decay, but the larva receives important lactic bacteria for its intenstines with the nectar as well.
All supporting measures for the milieu in the hive and on the bee therefore have a positive effect on the whole swarm and all stadiums in the bee life cycle.

Bee hives, frames, flight board, the complete equipment and the bees themselves can be sprayed regularly with a diluted solution of EMIKO® EM Apis and water in a ratio of 1:10. This way the product gets on all surfaces in the hive and on the bees. Experiences show that the bee´s natural drive to clean can be promoted through the application of EMIKO® EM Apis. Negative fungi and bacteria can be displaced without straining the organism of the bee.

When handling bees, the following observation can be made: When spraying the bees, they get calmer. They react considerably less aggressive which is an advantage when catching swarms or opening the hive.

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